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Is your Water ready to become alkaline water?

What's in your water?

Our Free Analysis will let you know what contaminants are in your water and and we can customize a prefilter system for your tap water that integrates into your ionizer. Some brands come with Free custom pre-filter systems. Fill out the form or call us now at 866 308 7577

Is your Water ready to become alkaline water?

 Find out now with our FREE report on your local water quality.

Are you aware that common contaminants found in your water like arsenic, lead, copper, mercury, chlorine, fluoride and e-coli can cause a myriad of health related problems?

Our water quality reporting service will provide:

  • Fast, free confidential water report analysis
  • Advice from our staff of experts
  • Solutions for your "problem water"

Is your water is safe?

Your free water quality report will tell you what toxins have been found in your local water supply. Get peace of mind.

Is your water "ionizer ready?"

The quality of water going into an ionizer will affect the quality of water that comes out. Our free analysis of your local water quality will help you make sure your water is ready for ionization.

What kind of filtration do you need?

Using your free water report, our team of experts will help you select the filtration you need to get the most out of your new ionizer, and protect your investment. Hard water can void your warranty!

Free Water Analysis Report