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Nexus Smart Water Ionizer Review Buyer Beware: The Nexus Smart is not a smart choice in a water ionizer. We’ve found several red flags that make it clear this machine should be avoided Click Here

AlkaFresh 9 Water Ionizer Review The AlkaFresh line of water ionizers is one of the best-kept secrets in the water ionizer industry: These discount-priced ionizers come packed with features that many of the full-priced, major name brands don’t have. Click Here

AlkaFresh 7 Water Ionizer Review Possibly one of the best values in a seven-plate water ionizer Click Here

AlkaFresh 9 Water Ionizer Review The AlkaFresh line of water ionizers is one of the best-kept secrets in the water ionizer industry: These discount-priced ionizers come packed with features that many of the full-priced, major name brands don’t have. Click Here

Top 4 Water Ionizers Compared: The best value The best value in a water ionizer doesn’t necessarily come with the ionizer that has the highest price. Instead, the value in a water ionizer lies in what you’re getting for your money. Read More

Top 4 Alkaline Water Scams, and how to Avoid Them The Kangen Water Machine is sold based on the claim that it “restructures” water, and makes hexagonal water molecule cluster that are smaller and easier to absorb than the water from other water ionizers. Read More

Sun Exposure and Dehydration Second Largest threat to Beachgoer Safety Discount Water Ionizer warns that dehydration at the beach can strike suddenly if you don’t watch for the warning signs. Read More

Water Ionizer Review: LIFE Ionizers M7 Superior quality at a mid range price: Don’t let the low price fool you, the LIFE M7 is a full featured water ionizer that competes with other companies’ premium models that cost a lot more. Read More

Water Ionizer Review: LIFE Ionizers M5 The LIFE Ionizers M5 is a 5 plate ionizer that comes packed with features not normally found in a discount-priced water ionizer. Read More

KYK Generation 2 Water Ionizer Review The KYK generation 2 almost has it all. It has plenty of power, good filtration, MESH plates, but a low flow rate. If the flow rate was higher, we’d rate this machine a definite buy, but at 1.5 to 2 liters per minute, this machine is just too slow to recommend. Read More

Jupiter Vesta Water Ionizer Review The AlkaViva Vesta is a water ionizer that has nine plates and SMPS power. The Vesta combines up-to-date technology with a good flow rate to produce good pH and ORP levels. Read More

Jupiter Melody Water Ionizer Review The Jupiter Melody is an older machine that was considered to be among the better ionizers until time passed it by. Like other models in the Jupiter line, the Melody relies on older technology that limits it’s performance. Read More

Jupiter Delphi Under Counter Water Ionizer Review The Jupiter Delphi is an under counter ionizer that really cuts some serious corners to offer a discount price. Read More

Jupiter Athena Water Ionizer Review The Jupiter Athena is an older unit that like the Kangen machine, hasn’t been updated in years. It’s overpriced for a 5 plate unit, and only has a single filter. Read More

Enagic Kangen Leveluk SD-501 Water Ionizer Review The Kangen machine isn’t a discount-priced water ionizer by any stretch of the imagination. At $3,980, it’s the most expensive seven plate water ionizer in the world. Technology-wise, this machine has never been updated. Read More

Chanson VS70 Water Ionizer Review The Chanson VS70 is a seven-plate under counter ionizer offered for $2,495. The Chanson would be a good machine, but it’s underpowered. For that reason, this machine struggles to get over a pH of 10. Read More

Bawell Fountain Water Ionizer Review The Bawell Fountain is a discount-priced ionizer that is underpowered which limits the pH and ORP you can get from this machine. Read More

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Water Ionizer Review HEALTH ALERT: The plates on this machine are NOT coated with platinum. Uncoated titanium plates may produce toxic compounds when used in water ionizers. Read More

Alkazone BHL4200 Water Ionizer Review We really like the look of Alkazone water ionizers, but unfortunately beauty in this case really is only skin deep. Read More

A2O Model 900 Water Ionizer Review The A2O Model 900 is the top-of-the-line model from A2O water ionizers. Read More

AlkaFresh Nine - High End Performance, Mid-Range Price This machine is probably one of the best values in the discount water ionizer market because it offers high end features that other discount brands don’t offer like multiple internal filters and Mesh plates. Read More

AlkaFresh Seven The seven plate AlkaFresh Seven is one of those “secret” bargains you rarely hear about that can save you a ton of money. Read More

BionTech BTM-505N Review - The Biontech BTM-505N uses exclusive Biontech technology to automatically adjust the machine’s power for optimum pH based on the quality of your tap water. Read More

EOS Seven Review - The EOS Seven has all the right features for a mid-range priced ionizer: SMPS power, above average pH and ORP performance, and multiple internal filters. It’s easy to use, pH and flow controls are automatic, and has convenient, touch controls. Read More

EOS Nine Review - The EOS Nine provides high-end features at a discount price. It comes standard with SMPS power, strong pH and ORP performance, and multiple internal filters. It’s easy to use thanks to automatic pH and flow controls. Read More

IonCares 7000 Review - The IonCares line of water ionizers offer good value for the money, they make a few compromises - such as the amount of power available - to be able to offer lower prices. But for budget-conscious consumers, IonCares is worth considering. Read More

IonCares 9000 Review - A plus about this machine is that the  IonCares comes with dual internal filters and SMPS power, but just like the IonCares 7000, we feel that this machine could be better if it had more power. Read More

Which is healthier - Water ionizer vs reverse osmosis: Which is healthier?
Water ionizers make water healthy through purification, reverse osmosis systems purify water but with no healthy additives. Read More

LIFE M-11 vs. AlkaViva Vesta - Water Ionizer Comparison
The LIFE M-11 and the AlkaViva Vesta are both Korean-made water ionizers with similar pricing...The similarities end there. Read More

Pitcher of LIFE vs. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe water ionizer
LIFE Ionizers offers The Pitcher of LIFE for under $50. The Pitcher of LIFE is an alkaline water filter pitcher. Read More

Life Ionizers M-11 vs Enagic Super SD-501 - Water Ionizer Reviews
Clash of the Titans! Top of the line water ionizers review. Read More

LIFE Ionizers announces the new Next Generation M-11 The most powerful home water ionizer ever built CARLSBAD, CA. – August 2013 - LIFE Ionizers. (www.LifeIonizers.com) announced today, a totally new concept in home water ionizers. Read More

In Stock Now - The New 2014 Model Water Ionizers!
Discount Water Ionizers is always on the lookout for new water ionizers that deliver more value to you. Read More

Water Ionizer Review | New LIFE Ionizers M-9 vs. Enagic®
The exciting news in the alkaline water world is that LIFE Ionizers has just released their all new M-Series of alkaline water ionizers.
Read More

Water ionizers vs. Alkaline pH Drops and Hydrogen
You've probably come across hydrogen sticks and alkaline drops that claim to provide the same benefits as a water ionizer.
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The Best Water Ionizer on Today's Market - LIFE Ionizers The best water ionizer brand on the market today is LIFE Ionizers because... Read More

Is the Kangen Water Machine a Medical Device? Enagic’s army of multi-level marketers tout the kangen water machine as a medical device, but is it? Read More

5 Questions you should ask BEFORE buying a kangen water machine Enagic’s enthusiastic horde of multi-level marketers tout the kangen water machine as the ultimate cure for just about everything. But is it? Read More

Compare Top 5 Ionizer water filters When it comes to alkaline water for health, purity matters! Read More

The Best Alkaline Water Ionizer for Hard Water
Hard water can ruin an ionizer, but it also supplies the essential minerals that you need from alkaline water for good health. Read More

How to Spot an Alkaline Water Fraud
There are a lot of companies and websites selling water ionizers today. Read More

2013 Review - Best Water Ionizers
What’s new in water ionizers for 2013 - LIFE Ionizers – Most improved water ionizers for 2013! Read More

Beware of the Artificially Alkaline Water Scam
Naturally alkaline water is any water found in nature that has a pH of greater than 7. Read More

Enagic vs. Alkaprime - Water Ionizer Review
A recent addition to the water ionizer market is Alkaprime... Read More

What is the Best Bottle for Alkaline Water?
Alkaline mineral ionized water is optimized when it is generated, so people... Read More

Why you must avoid Cheap Water Ionizers
Recently, the US has been flooded with cheaply-made water ionizers from Taiwan and China. Read More

Under Counter Ionizers - Enagic® vs. LIFE Ionizers®
Mounting your water ionizer under the counter is a wonderful idea because it saves counter space... Read More

Enagic® Kangen® Titanium Contamination Danger
Warning: Owners of Enagic® water ionizers take note: ... your Kangen® water may become contaminated with titanium. Read More

New Study: 31 Cities’ Tap Water Have Cancer-Causing Hexavalent Chromium
The Environmental Working Group released a report Monday indicating millions of Americans are regularly drinking hexavalent chromium... Read More

Alkaline Water’s Secret to Health and Well Being
Water: Source of Life - Unlocking Alkaline Water’s Secrets HEXAGONAL WATER Read More

How to Purchase a Water Ionizer
Most of the water ionizers manufactured today were made in Japan or Korea... Read More

What are FREE RADICALS and how they damage the human body
ANTIOXIDANTS relationship to alkalization-acidic (pH balance) and free radical destruction Read More

Water Ionizers Increase the Beneficial Effects of Antioxidants
Antioxidants are considered to be a vital component of health care; even western medical minds have (finally) come ... Read More

Chemical in Plastic Bottles Linked to Impotence
NEW YORK – Male factory workers in China who got very high doses of a chemical that’s been widely used... Read More

Poisoned Waters – Documentary studies Dangers in Global Water
In Poisoned Waters, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Hedrick Smith examines the growing hazards to human health and the ecosys... Read More

Bottled Water Sales Drying Up
The popularity of bottled water soared in the 1990s and the early 2000s. This is changing according to figures from market research company TNS. Read More

Hydration at Its Best - Alkaline, Ionized Water!
We have so many choices when it comes to water but…is water just water? We certainly don’t think so. Read More

Learn About The Health Benefits of Alkaline Water Today
Learn All About the Amazing Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water Today! Maintain a healthy pH Balance. Read More

Life M Series
Discount Water Ionizer is always on the lookout for new water ionizers that deliver more value for you. Read More

Is your Water ready to become alkaline water?
Are you aware that common contaminants found in your water like arsenic, lead, copper, mercury, chlorine, fluoride and e-coli can cause a myriad of health related problems? Read More


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